Twitch, Saban hosting Power Rangers Marathon; first 23 seasons featured

The Power Rangers hype train is moving with less than 2 weeks before Lionsgate and Saban’s Power Rangers movie debuts, and what better way to kick off the hype than with the Power Rangers Marathon on Twitch!

All 831 episodes of Power Rangers will be featured, from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, all the way through Dino SuperCharge. Relive some of the greatest moments in Power Rangers history before the movie launches courtesy of TwitchPresents!

Speaking of the Movie, Lionsgate’s Power Rangers debuts on March 24th, and in honor of the movie, we are kickstarting the Power Rangers Project (#PRProject). Karl Dorksen-Smart and myself will be posting content leading up to and following the movie, including MST3K style recaps during the marathon on 


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Clinton Bowman-Christie
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Teacher's Assistant by day, passionate gamer and wrestling fan by night. This describes Clinton to a T. A Brooklyn, New York resident for all of his life, gaming, Power Rangers, football, basketball and wrestling pretty much comprise a lot of his free time.