Troll Quest TV Shows – A Test of Endurance

Uncomfortable to play, overly aggressive with ad videos and obnoxious art style. With each level Troll Quest TV Shows pushes you a little bit closer to a rage quit.
Game Name: Troll Quest TV Shows
Platform(s): Android, iOS, PC 
Publisher(s): Spil Games
Developer(s): Spil Games
Release Date: 26th Feb
Price: Free 
Each level of Troll Quest TV Shows presents a different popular television character in some sort of difficulty. Your goal is to help them out, usually in a way that “trolls” somebody.
Unfortunately a lot of the humor is based on “Randomness”. For example the first level has John Snow from Game of Thrones, trapped in a public bathroom cubicle by Hodor. You lose if you get frustrated banging on the door, you win if you escape and join him holding the door to the empty cubicle.
Troll Quest TV Shows controls like a standard click puzzler, similar to the Escape The Room series. So each level requires you to swipe, pinch, tap or hold the environment in unexpected ways to progress the scene. Usually the most obvious interaction will lead you to fail, making it difficult to experiment without failing over and over again.
There are also collectibles hidden within levels. Collecting 20 of either will unlock hidden scenes, but they are usually not too hard to find. There is also a hint mechanic that will show you the next move, but the only way to recharge them is to watch more ads.
The whole experience felt like a prank. Like the app was secretly collecting my home address to have 20 pizzas show up at my door. Each level is drawn as a nightmare version of a different TV show, with twisted faces and voices muffled.
Unless you are a fan of the Trollface character or need to punish yourself for a horrible crime you may have gotten away with, this is not the game for you.
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– Ocassional clever logic puzzles
– Fast reload after a fail
– The “Big Bang Theory” puzzle made me laugh


– Unpleasant looking and sounding
– The game seems to mock and enjoy your failure
– New chapters are locked until you watch an ad
  • A truly unpleasant experience.

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