If you’re a fan of Indie developed games, then Tiny Build team should be no stranger to you. They’ve pushed out a slew of titles, including Lovely Planet, Punch Club, ClusterTruck and a few others. However, as of recent I came to find out that they’re working on a hack & slash/roguelike title, one that has piqued my interest.

That game is called “Phantom Trigger” and everything that I’ve seen so far has been pretty hyped for the title. The title is in development for PC at the moment. Though it could possible end up on other platforms.

While there isn’t much about the title just yet, the description alone pretty much sells the game. At least for me anyway.


Phantom Trigger is a Hardcore Neon Slasher with RPG and Roguelike elements. Figure out what’s real as you follow the story of Stan on a journey through surreal and twisted worlds.

  • A deep combat system focused on unlocking combos and upgrading weapons
  • Handcrafted story driven levels mixed with procedural roguelike-style dungeon
  • A branching story with multiple endings

Honestly, it sort of reminds me of Hyper Light Drifter, another Indie developed game that I completely loved.  But don’t take my word for it, check out the trailer below.

Looks good, doesn’t it?


Well, there’s more! Tiny Build will be bringing the game to PAX East 2017 and it will be playable! So if you’re heading up or down to PAX East 2017, be sure to stop by the Tiny Build booth and check it out.

And lastly, they’re taking sign-ups for the alpha of Phantom Trigger. Just point your browser here to sign-up! Yes, I’ve already done so and you should too!

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