‘Southpaw Regional Wrestling’ might be the best reason to subscribe to the WWE Network.

In the mundane world of professional wrestling, it’s always good to see things like Southpaw Regional Wrestling pop up to embrace the silliness that embodies the sports entertainment scene.

In what is primed to be the WWE Network’s greatest achievement, WWE unexpectedly threw out a tweet that sent waves of joy throughout the Twitter machine. After the tragedy of an attempt at comedy with the short-lived Camp WWE, Southpaw Regional Wrestling seems to be the comedy gem that the WWE Network needs to take it “over-the-top,” if you will.

With John Cena playing “Lance Catamaran,” a loosely based parody of Gordon Solie from the territory days, and Rusev and Lana in cowboy hats among others, we’re getting a show that jokes about the things that professional wrestling from the 70s and 80s hilarious. We got promos in front of green-screened waves, Cesaro drinking scotch and Chris Jericho channeling his inner Freddie Blassie. If that isn’t potential comedy gold, I don’t know what is.

WWE plans to debut Southpaw Regional Wrestling this Friday and I can’t wait for Lance Catamaran’s debut as WWE’s best commentator. Take that Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves!