Salt and Sanctuary Comes to PS Vita on March 28

If you’ve been holding out on Salt and Sanctuary for the PS Vita release, the wait is over. Ska Studios has followed through on their promise and confirmed a release date. It arrives in America March 28, almost a year after its initial PlayStation 4 release. They have yet to reveal a release date for Europe and Japan, but promise it is coming “soon”. In the announcement, Ska Studios confirms that the game will be cross-buy with the PS4. This means that if you already purchased it on PSN, you will receive it for the Vita at no cost. The port comes courtesy of Sickhead Games, the studio responsible for porting other acclaimed indie titles such as Stardew Valley for consoles and Axiom Verge for Vita.

Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary draws inspiration from the Souls series in its approach to gameplay mechanics and its gothic-inspired art style. Described as a 2D, sidescrolling action RPG, the game promises unforgiving enemies, grim environments, and a variety of weapons and attacks. Salt and Sanctuary embraces the comparisons to Dark Souls, but is no less original or complex because of it. 


Salt and Sanctuary is $17.99 on Steam, PS4, and soon to be Vita. Watch the original trailer below.