The Power Rangers franchise has a long history, with its 24th anniversary taking place this coming August. With a new adaptation of the Super Sentai series on Nickelodeon, and a new string of comics from BOOM! Studios, Lionsgate and Saban have sweetened the pot with a brand new movie, rebooting the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. 

Since the trailers started debuting, the reaction has been quite polarizing, with old school fans decrying a lot of the changes to the story and those who weren’t fans being genuinely interested in the movie.

As of today’s writing, Rotten Tomatoes has the Power Rangers movie sitting at a 44% rating, which places it on the ‘Rotten’ side of things. Here are some excerpts from some of the top reviews on RT:


Andy Webster, New York Times:

Saban’s Power Rangers” may surpass the original, but for what lesson? The value of teamwork? More likely, of a franchise payoff.

Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times:

Bring Advil, or something stronger. It’s morphine time!

Lindsey Bahr, Associated Press:

Much like the teens at the center, Power Rangers goes through some awkward growing pains in real time trying to figure out what movie it wants to be or even should be.

Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly (B+):

Set your expectations low enough and you might just be entertained.

Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter:

Israelite … orchestrates a vastly more complex array of characters, action set pieces and technical resources for a combined effect that maintains dramatic tension even while teetering on the brink of excess.

David Ehrlich, indieWire (C-):

A mega-budget reboot that’s embarrassed of the TV show it’s bringing to the big screen.

Rafer Guzman, Newsday (1/4):

[A] calculated, derivative attempt to turn a decades-old piece of junk culture into a new pile of box-office cash.

Brian Lowry, CNN:

At over two hours… the movie simply takes too long building up toward the inevitable showdown, which pretty quickly devolves into a lot of CGI-enhanced mayhem that has its moments but isn’t quite stirring enough to justify the wait.

We’re currently working on our review of Power Rangers and we’ll have that up just in time for the debut! Tell us how you feel about Power Rangers in the comments below! 

Power Rangers hits theatres on March 24, 2017. 

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