Orisa To Hit the Live Overwatch Roster On 3/21

Overwatch Orisa

While Blizzard only recently announced Orisa, a new robotic hero in Overwatch, she’ll be hitting the live servers fairly soon. But how soon you ask? March 21st, 2017, to be exact. She’ll be available for free on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Oddly enough, I swore Blizzard mentioned she wouldn’t be available anytime soon. I guess she’s ready to go.


She’s also currently available for play on the Overwatch PTR. While it’s been quite hard to get in some solid sessions with her as she’s the latest and greatest. What I did play with Orisa, she definitely feels like a combination of characters such as Mercy, Reinhardt and a bit of Bastion. I really enjoyed the fact that she can basically become a mobile fortress while providing damage boosts and shielding other heroes. I didn’t get a chance yet to see if her damage boost works with Ana’s or Mercy’s, or if it overrides those.

She has such a huge set of abilities, one has to wonder how she’ll affect the meta. If anything, she’ll help even out the slaughtering that Bastion has been handing out as of late. We’ll find out soon, with just under a week to go before she’s released. 

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