Hello everyone! The Nintendo Switch has been one of the best selling consoles in Nintendo’s history and as proof of that, even the anime guy here at The Outerhaven bought one! We here at The Outerhaven have enjoyed our Switches so much that we are continuing this series where we each take our turns describing the one thing we like about the switch.
So we had the quick to video games, the easy user interface, the return back to cartridges and  that it will always improve the games down the road by its innovation. For me the one thing I like about the Switch: Taking and playing it anytime, anywhere.
Nintendo really pushed the idea that you can take the game with you wherever you want. I can vouch for this personally. Since the launch, I have been taking my system to work to play Zelda :Breath of the Wild, and I’ve payed passed well over 40 hours since. During my car ride to work and lunch break, I would take my Switch out an just continue on with my adventure. What I think it sets it apart from other handheld units, like the 3DS or  Vita, is the fact that the Switch is a dedicated home console, that you are able to take with you to play main stay  titles like Zelda.
One Thing I Like About The Switch: Play Anytime, Anywhere. 1

Switch at work!

The fact I’m playing Zelda  at work , a full 3D Zelda adventure, is wondrous itself and that it’s a great stress reliever from the daily grind at the office. I’ve even got the attention of co-workers asking about the system and what it can do. I only wished that I can play with my co-workers of 1,2,Switch and play some Quick Draw, but should the opportunity come, I’m ready to co-op/ multiplayer when needed be. Just knowing that there is an option to play with someone out there in  the world or continuing to immerse yourself in your current adventure is just a blessing to have.
One Thing I Like About The Switch: Play Anytime, Anywhere. 2

To work? Or to Switch?

Just taking the Switch to work, to the barber, or anywhere you want to go, while still maintaining a console style play is just a great pleasure and fortune to have. To know that I won’t ever have to leave my home console at home or  not have to worry about the general quality downgrade of a handheld is just an added bonus. Whether to have it as a single adventure, or showing it to your friends colleagues or those who are curious, taking the system with you to help introduce it is the reason that I like the Switch.
Nintendo Switch is available now.

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