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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 26 – Monstrous Bunnies

In the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, the guys sit down and talk about the latest Nintendo news including a…bunny invasion?

Trust us, it’s not as weird as it sounds…or…actually…maybe it is! Yes, the trio talks the arrival of the Spring Festival event in Fire Emblem Heroes and what they think of the outfits the characters are wearing…one of them in particular.

But, then they get back on track and talk about all things Nintendo. Two of the guys have played Shovel Knight, what did they think about the Switch version? And did the Pro Controller help it out any?

Also, what did the guys think about the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire? Did they enjoy it? Did they think it looks and plays better than the original version? They let you know!

Plus, with E3 drawing ever closer, the team talks about the news that Nintendo is not only going to have a big E3 according to their president, but also, that they’re focusing on developing new IP’s for the Nintendo Switch! Oh, and there’s ton of Smash Bros. talk too!

Finally, the kings of Nintendo attire reveal some of their favorite boss fights, as well as the creatures they love to hate in Nintendo games!

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So sit back and enjoy another epic episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!