Nintendo Switch Launch

Microsoft And Sony Congratulate Nintendo on Nintendo Switch Launch!

Ok, it’s no secret that the big Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are businesses, and as such, while they respect each other, they often go to great lengths to outdo the other. Whether it’s at E3 Press Conferences, or various other gaming shows, to how certain games are made, etc. And, they’re not above barbing each other for perceived missteps. For example, during the initial Nintendo Switch reveal, Kaz Harai noted that the Switch didn’t seem to have many launch titles.

But, when it comes right down to it, they’re all gaming developers, and thus they appreciate what each other does. In that spirit, Microsoft and Sony have sent out tweets congratulating Nintendo on the release of their latest console, the Nintendo Switch. Here is Microsoft’s

And here is Sony’s

So yeah, that happened, and it’s very nice. After all, while it’s nice to be competitive, and that does make gaming better, to not be happy for a company when something good happens is a bit mean spirited. I mean, we’re all gamers right?