Lore Podcast Set To Produce Book Version of Series

Lore is one of the most beloved horror/folklore podcasts, hosted by the smooth-voiced horror author Aaron Mahnke. The podcast will be adapted into a TV show on Amazon Prime but now, it will also have a new book to add to its repertoire. The World of Lore will be a collection of true-life stories based on superstitions, folktales, and ghost stories from around the world, published with Del Rey/Random House.

“Aaron’s unique aesthetic and vision have already made Lore a major phenomenon,”  Tricia Narwani, Editorial Director of Del Rey Books, told Entertainment Weekly. “This is only the beginning for this brilliant creator.” There’s no release date yet for The World of Lore.

While the Entertainment Weekly article mentions only one book, on the Lore Facebook page, the caption refers to a series of books, as seen below:

Does this mean that we’ll be getting more written adventures to go along with the audio ones? Are there bigger plans in store for the growing Lore franchise? More announcements may be coming out soon, as the podcast’s two year anniversary approaches on March 18th.