Loot Anime unboxing for FUTURE crate! Exclusive item!

I was super excited when I came home today to find my Loot Anime arrived in the mail. As a long time subscriber of Loot Anime since the second box release (sadly the deadline was missed to purchase the first) every box gets me pumped for anime merchandise. This months theme is Future, featuring items from franchises such as Kiznaiver, Ghost in the Shell, Psycho Pass, and Clockwork Planet. To be honest, the item that had me most psyched was the Kiznaiver merch since I thoroughly enjoyed the series.

My first impression of this months box was incredulous since it was thinner than all previous boxes which I thought meant that I may end up disappointed in its contents. It is my pleasure to say, however, that I was wrong. Let’s get to unboxing!


Too long, didn’t watch? Read on!

On opening the the box the first eye catching item was the shirt neatly tucked in that was a lovely burgundy color. Keep in mind, every shirt I have received through my subscription has been very soft and good quality. Shirts are one of things I get most excited seeing in a crate so things were off to a great start. Better yet, this Ghost in the Shell: ARISE shirt is the exclusive item in the Future crate!

The next item that was pulled happened to be volume one of Clockwork Planet, a manga made by the creator of No Game No Life, no less. Although I have no prior knowledge of Clockwork Planet, I am excited to give it a read to see what fantastic story Yū Kamiya has created.

Next was a 2GB flash drive shaped like the Dominator gun from Psycho Pass which I thought was the coolest thing! Granted I wish it held more than 2GB, seeing as the Game of Thrones flash drive that was included in the April 2015 Loot Crate held 4GB. Regardless of it’s memory capacity, it’s a cool knickknack that would only be made cooler if it had a key ring to carry it on.

Our Kiznaiver item just so happens to be a mouse pad with the main characters sprawled at intervals in the most cliche way possible. I’m sad to say I am a little disappointed since I don’t own a PC so I may never find a use for it any time soon. I wouldn’t have complained if i received temporary tattoo’s of the pain mark, but alas I now have a mouse pad.

Last of all is the exclusive charm and poster that comes with every crates theme. Not much is to be said about the poster, as it speaks for itself, but isn’t the monthly charm so cute?


Final thoughts?

The Loot Crate team has yet to make me unsatisfied with my subscription and I highly recommend  the service to everyone. Loot Crate offers many crates such as Loot Gaming, Loot Pets, and Loot Wear. Needless to say, there is a crate for every geek in your life. If you are interested in subscribing to Loot Anime, you can follow the link below to begin your Looting adventure.


Notice: This unboxing has in no way been sponsored and is purely the raving of an enthused long term subscriber.


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