Injustice 2 continues to roll out the announcements, and this time around, they’re focusing on the bad guys who are going to be bringing the pain to the heroes. Previously announced Gorilla Grodd led the charge in the new trailer, and showed both his brutality and his physic abilities.

Then, Bane came forth. Even though he was seen in a previous trailer, and was teased as a playable character, this was the first official confirmation of his arrival on the roster. Bane is still decked out in his Venom gear, but uses his very tactical skills to take down his opponents.

Another teased character was then revealed with Captain Cold. The character has seen a boom in popularity thanks to comic events like Forever Evil and his portrayal by Wentworth Miller in The Flash TV show, and his skills are appropriate to a Rogue of his caliber.


The big surprise though was Scarecrow, who takes a positively monstrous form in Injustice 2, which is due to the events that transpired in the Injustice comic.

Regards, these four bad guys will bring smiles to many players faces when they get their hands on them on May 16th. Which one are you the most excited to play? Let us know!

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