A week after releasing the Sibling Bonds summoning focus, Fire Emblem Heroes has just added another batch of major content, as well as two more Focus groups. This new content is called the Summoning Gauntlet, and will have players fighting for the honor and glory of their favorite FE character so see who is the best.

This first one focuses on some of the princes and princesses that are in the game so far. Mainly, Alfonse, Sharena, Ephraim, Eirika, Chrom, Lucina, Leo, and Elise. What you’ll do, is go to the new Voting Gauntlet tab in the Battle screen, then you’ll pick a battle you’ll want to do, and pick the prince or princess you want to support. Then, you’ll battle with that character, a character from your friends list, and another from their army. Which means you can battle with characters you don’t possess yet (this happened to me with me fighting with Alfonse, Ryoma and Julia). If you win, you can use a new item called Battle Flags to multiply your points, and add more support to your team.

As for rewards, all players will get rewards based on how many votes were put into the event.

  • 1 billion votes cast – 3 Orbs, 1 of each Great Badge
  • 3 billion votes cast – 5 Orbs, 3 of each Great Badge
  • 5 billion votes cast – 10 Orbs, 5 of each Great Badge

So, hop into Fire Emblem Heroes, and show your support for your favorite characters!

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