“Deadpool 2” Teaser Has Easter Eggs Pointing to New Characters

Last year’s Deadpool was one of the biggest hits of the year, marking a potentially massive change in the way studios think about superhero films. However, before you could miss him for too long, Ryan Reynolds is back in the spandex to play our favorite fourth-wall breaker. The actor posted a vague teaser trailer for the next film, Deadpool 2:

In it, Wade Wilson sees a man being mugged at gun point and hops into a telephone booth to change into his Deadpool costume to the Superman theme, only to take way too long, leading to the man dying in the alleyway. He lays down on the man’s corpse, continuing to have a one-sided conversation and eating his Cherry Garcia ice cream.


The trailer may not have a release date or year, but it does have a few little wink-wink-nudge-nudge references hidden in the background for super fans to pick up on. The most obvious is the Logan reference, both the poster and the billing on the marquis, probably more in-universe teasing. There is also a Firefly poster in the background, which might point to the return of Morena Baccarin or perhaps that another cast member will be making an appearance. Additionally on the side of the phone booth is “Nathan Summers coming soon” referring to fan-favorite Cable potentially making an appearance in the film. The word “Hope” is scribbled on the inside of the booth, which might refer to Hope Summers, Cable’s wife, and a mutant. However, this might also be pure baiting on the part of Reynolds and the filmmakers, I wouldn’t put it past them. Oh, and there’s a Stan Lee cameo because of course there is.

Additionally, at the end of the trailer is a summary of The Old Man and the Sea, presumably written by Deadpool. Why? Who knows, but at least it is better than CliffNotes.

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