We here at The Outerhaven have the unfortunate duty to report that Daisuke Satou, one of the creators of Highschool of the Dead, passed away at age 52.  Satou passed on March 22 from ischemic heart disease. A funeral service has already taken place for him.

Daisuke Satou paired up with artist Shouji Sato and launched the manga on August 9, 2006.  The manga ran until 2011 where it went on hiatus, only to return in April 2013 with one new chapter before going back on hiatus indefinitely. Shouji went on to work on Triage X while Highschool of the Dead was stuck in limbo. A television anime adaptation aired from July to September in 2010. An OVA, Drifters of the Dead, aired in April 2011. 

We here at The Outerhaven send our deepest condolences to the Satou family during this difficult time.

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