The Cine-Analyst: Episode 2 – The Joker

On this week’s brand new episode of The Cine-Analyst, we tackle our first villain of the season and boy, was he a doozy. The Joker is an iconic villain with a ton of different portrayals but we look at the Nolan version for one of the most intricate and thought-provoking incarnations of the franchise.

Here’s what we talk about this episode:

  • Why the Joker is so invested in being right
  • Dog chasing cars or a man with a plan?
  • Evil genius at a whole new level
  • The unlovable force is not who you think it is…

Tune in every Friday as I breakdown fictional characters and talk about what’s going on inside that brain of theirs. Are your favorite heroes crazy or just misunderstood? Find out on this season of The Cine-Analyst!