Bellular made a YouTube Video announcing an ambition project known as Warcraft Tales. The project was aimed a casual players and looked to rewrite a lot of the early quest dialogue and give NPCs professional level voice acting. The goal was to use this addon as a way to experience an all-new way of storytelling. The response from the community was extremely positive and it would have made leveling alts (or new characters) an absolute joy. Bellular was seeking community funding for future chapters with the first releasing on April 6. Since it was being billed as an addon, Warcraft Tales was going to be free of charge to anyone who wanted to download it and use it.

Sadly, a new YouTube video was posted by Bellular 24 hours later stating that Warcraft Tales production had ceased due to Blizzard contacting Bellular about the project. Blizzard stated that Warcraft Tales violates their addon policy and they see it more as third-party expansion content rather than just a simple addon. 

It is a shame that this addon couldn’t be created as it could have brought an entirely new and enjoyable dynamic to World of Warcraft. All we can hope for now is for Blizzard to implement this into the game on their end through a future expansion. Hopefully with less awkward talking heads in the dialogue boxes.

I highly suggest subscribing to Bellular as his content is very well-done and his guides are great for any casual player looking for more information about the content they are playing!

Bellular’s YouTube Channel:

Announcement Video for Warcraft Tales Ending



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