Agent Aliens (Android) Review – I really wanted to like it…

Can elements of turn based RPGs, shmups and platformers all learn to get along? With a game as wild as Agent Aliens they may just have a chance.
Game Name: Agent Aliens
Platform(s): Android (iOS soon)
Publisher(s): Indigo Entertainment
Developer(s): Indigo Gaming
Release Date: 16th Feb
Price: Free Trial  ($3.89 full unlock)
The first thing I noticed about Agent Aliens was how much it looked like the NES Mega-Man games. The second thing I noticed was how unforgiving it was. Each level is littered with instant kill spikes and hazards to the point that I almost lost interest.
After a few health and shield upgrades, I could survive a single hit, but victory was still not guaranteed. I don’t know if it was meant to be this hard or just bad programming but the levels definitely need a few more rounds of play-testing. Challenging spike and saw sections came very early on while I was still getting comfortable with the combat.
There is so much to like in Agent Aliens. For starters the combat is a weird mix of 2D shooter and turned based that varies depending on your character. The upgrades feel significant but you can still beat a level without them. Also the endless level mode was actually fun to play and was the best way to grind money for upgrades.
Agent Aliens
There is just so much dragging it down. The checkpoints require you to watch an ad to use (or pay a decent chunk of gold), gold is too hard to come by, even with the endless mode and despite flashing after taking damage your character has no invulnerability, causing one hazard to bounce you into another basically every time.
There is a good energy throughout the game that really comes through in the art. Everything is colourful and bouncy matching well with the EDM soundtrack. Each level uses a different colour filter, making each level feel unique while still being the same sprites.
Agent Aliens
For all its great ideas, Alien Agents is just a little to flawed to sustain interest. It somehow tries to demand split second reaction time while punishing carelessness and it always feels like you’re not doing it right.
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– Fun and energetic
– Challenging platforming
– Unique combat style
– Too reliant on instant kill traps
– Checkpoints require ad video
– Too much grind for upgrades
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