PaRappa the Rapper Comes to Japan on April 20th

It’s hard to believe that it has been two decades since the rhythm game Parappa the Rapper was made available on the PlayStation One a few generations ago. Last year, PSX announced that a newly remastered version of PaRappa the Rapper would be coming to PS4 for its 20th anniversary, check out the trailer.

Fans of the rapping rhythm game have been awaiting its official release date and Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that this game will be available both digitally and in stores in Japan on April 20th. 

Rap to the timing of your teacher when you play as PaRappa in this catchy hip-hop rhythm game. 

PaRappa the Rapper’s remastered edition comes packed with many new updated features!

PS4 owners will notice that the fun, and colorfully flattened animations in the game have been cleaned up and are re-rendered for smooth 1080p and 4K gameplay. 

This new version of PaRappa the Rapper will also utilize the DualShock 4’s unique features. The game wants players to “feel the beat” with their controllers as the DualShock 4 provides a steady metronome for each song to assist in the timing of the player’s response. 

Support for network trophies has also been added so that players can attempt to platinum the game and add to their PlayStation trophy collection!










In addition to PaRappa the Rapper, Sony is also planning to release remasted versions of Patapon and LocoRoco!

Though the date for LocoRoco has not been confirmed, PlayStation’s website shows that Patapon is scheduled to release at the very end of the year on December 31st.

With the release of Crash Bandicoot this summer, 2017 is proving to be a very nostalgic year for fans of original PlayStation games. Those of you in Japan, get ready to play PaRappa the Rappa next month and more titles from PlayStation’s vault in 2017.