Nintendo Switch Skyrim

Which Version Of Skyrim Is The Nintendo Switch Getting?

The Nintendo Switch is almost here! In fact, we’re about a week away from launch! Between the launch title games, the launch window games, and the games confirmed for this year, there’s a lot to be excited about. One of biggest games though is easily The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. This will be the first ever Elder Scrolls game on a Nintendo system, ever,  and fans are very happy to have it. Yet, Bethesda won’t say which version we’re getting.

In an interview with Polygon, Todd Howard of Bethesda literally said he “can’t say” which version of Skyrim is coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. This is interesting, as the Special Edition came out last year, and theoretically, could work on Switch. Or, something else could be in store for fans, we don’t know.

It’s very possible that the team at Bethesda is simply wanting to ensure the game is done before any true announcements are made, which would fit their M.O. for sure. Howard has already noted how great Nintendo has been in regards to bringing Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch, so it’s very likely they just want to make sure the best version of the game is playable on the console