Ultimates Coming Killer Instinct on Feb.14th

A few weeks ago we reported that the finishing moves were returning to Killer Instinct as Ultimate’s. We just didn’t know when the release date would be, until now. 

Over at Killerinstinctcentral.com, they are reporting that the Ultimates will be making their way to the game as of Feb. 14th. Just in time for some Killer Instinct Valentine loving. The update will be free and will be available for 15 characters, with the exception of Shadow Jago, who already has an Ultimate move in place.

To pull off an Ultimate you must have your original bar of life and press LP + LK, during an Ultra Combo. You must be in the position to pull off a Supreme Victory, otherwise, it will not work.

Chief Thunder can be seen performing his Ultimate on poor Rash, in the video below.

For more info on the Ultimate’s, be sure to check out Ultra-Combo!

Source: Killer Instinct Central