Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticon is Freaking Huge

Fans of the old school Transformers cartoons know the name, Trypticon. The Decepticon giant flying fortress of sheer badass, who often made the Autobots days pretty rough. Or who could forget the times that Metroplex and Trypticon fought it out, while everyone looked on. 

Dinobots? What are those?

I’ve always wanted a toy of him when I was younger, but my parents simply wouldn’t allow it. And now, they’re out of print so getting one is insanely expensive.

That is, until now. Hasbro has selected Trypticon as the next character to get the Transformers Titan Returns treatment. Being unveiled during the ongoing New York Toy Fair, on-goers at the show will be able to see this beast in all this glory.  Coming with his original three modes; Spaceship, City mode, and T-rex mode, the Titan Returns version will be the largest Deception figure ever made.

Want one? So do I! Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticon will be available Fall 2017 and is priced at $149.99.

The TRANSFORMERS battle explodes into uncharted territory when the TITANS RETURN! To control an ancient race of giant, city-sized warriors—TITANS—the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS must harness the power of TITAN MASTERS, smaller bots that give bigger bots enhanced abilities in battle. The ultimate Decepticon weapon is joining the Titans Return battle!

Trypticon will destroy everything and devour everyone in his path. The Titan Class Trypticon figure is the largest figure in the 2017 Titans Return universe and is also the biggest Decepticon figure ever made. The towering T-Rex converts between 3 different modes: dino, spaceship, and city.  When the figure is in city mode, it connects to Titans Return Leader Class figures (each sold separately) to form the giant Nemesis Command. When the figure is in T-Rex mode, it can “eat” Titan Master figures: Trypticon can chomp them down, then you can open his stomach to get them out. Comes with a Deluxe Class Full-Tilt figure and a Titan Master Decepticon Necro figure.

Additional Titan Master figures are each sold separately, but with so many to collect, the Titans Return battlefield is a veritable all-you-can-eat bot buffet for Trypticon. Full-Tilt figure attaches to the Trypticon figure’s chest. Titan Master figure becomes the head for the Full-Tilt figure and works with all Titans Return Deluxe, Voyager, and Leader Class figures (each sold separately). Also features a storage compartment in the figure’s tail.

Now all we need is a Transformers Generations Titans Return Metroplex. Hasbro, are you listening?

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