Toonami Releases First Look at “Samurai Jack” Season 5

Of all of Toonami’s beloved series, Samurai Jack is the one that is touted as the most iconic, with both excellent narrative style and a distinct aesthetic that blended the best of arthouse animation and samurai films of old. When it went off the air without finishing the epic tale, fans worldwide were devastated. However, the new Toonami promised to bring everyone’s favorite roaming samurai back to finish his journey.

Animator and director Genndy Tartakovsky is back to finish out the show with one last season. Phil LaMarr will also reprise his role as the timeless samurai stuck in the future, Jack. There have been discussions about what will be done with Aku, as legendary voice actor Mako has since passed away. Ultimately, someone was hired to do an imitation of Mako’s performance, though there’s no official word as to the name of said actor. Synopsises that are currently available do mention Aku, but there’s no mention as to how, or if, he will appear. The Scotsman will also make an appearance in the season, though no word as to what capacity.

The trailer shows us some of the struggles Jack will face, including being stranded in the future for fifty years. Masked assassins, fighting personal demons, saving innocents, and making his last stand against the forces of darkness, just like in the former seasons. However, the show will likely take on a more adult tone, as we see Jack wielding a gun and dealing with some darker imagery. Still, it seems that at its heart, it’s the same show we fell in love with all those years ago.

Hopefully, the ending will answer all of our questions and satisfy fans as we say goodbye to this samurai one last time.

Samurai Jack will return to Adult Swim starting on March 11, 2017.