Guardians of the Galaxy Nintendo Switch

TellTales Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

When Nintendo unveiled a list of the 3rd party supporters for their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch, there were some names that took people by surprise. One of them was TellTale Games, who are famous for their episodic game series like The Walking Dead, Tales Of The Borderlands, and the recent Batman series. None of those had come to a Nintendo platform, so it was odd to see them there. Yet, a post by NewEgg may just reveal that this is not only happening, it might be happening soon.

Last year, TellTale Games revealed that they would be making a Guardians of the Galaxy game. Well, according to a listing by NewEgg, that game will be on the Nintendo Switch.

This’ll likely be the first of the TellTale Games to arrive on the Nintendo Switch, as Walking Dead Season 03 is already midway through its season. But hey, that’s a heck of a way to start!

Now, naturally, future games will depend on sales, but given the positive buzz that the Nintendo Switch is getting, and the popularity of TellTale Games and their titles, it could end up being a very productive partnership.

There’s no release date for the Guardians of the Galaxy game yet, but it should be announced soon.