Suda 51 Has An Idea For A Super Mario Game

Yes, you read that right, Suda 51, the guy behind No More Heroes, Let It Die, Lollipop Chainsaw and more has an idea for a Mario game…and it’s actually good.

Speaking with IGN on their “Up At Noon” show, Suda 51 talked about the key thing for him is about changing the dynamic of the series. Mainly, instead of Mario having to save Peach again (again…again…etc.), he’d go save his brother Luigi instead. And he’d have help on his journey.

“So this really bad guy’s captured Luigi, so Mario and Koopa (Bowser_ become friends and they go together,” he explained. “It’s like a road movie in a car. So they go from the south to the north and just go through it, like through America. I think it’d be great to make a Mario game like that.”

Ironically, that would be a first for a Mario to my recollection. Luigi has saved Mario, but outside of Super Paper Mario (where Luigi was turned into a villain and needed to be saved) Mario really hasn’t had to save Luigi, and even then, it wasn’t the focus of the game.

Now, obviously Nintendo already has a Mario game in the works with Super Mario Odyssey, but…you never know what could happen afterwards. And with Suda 51 already tasked with bringing No More Heroes 3 to the Nintendo Switch, he wouldn’t have to be coaxed into working with them.

Food for thought.

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