“Stranger Things” Season 2 Superbowl Ad Promises Return on Halloween

Who’s ready to return to the Upside Down? People have been clamoring for more information on the upcoming season of the hit supernatural action-drama. And now, during Super Bowl 51, we finally have a date and a glimpse at the insanity that is coming in the next season.

The spot starts with an old Eggos commercial followed by Eleven awakening, though where exactly no one knows. It seems as though the Upside Down may be leaking into the real world, and as such a storm is coming that will change the lives of those in Hawkins. And with it, a massive monster coming down, as we see in someone’s drawing. Will might have brought it with him, as it would appear to be his drawing that prophecies the giant monster. We see the crew in Ghostbuster outfits, likely meaning that the season will also take place on or around Halloween. We also see Hooper struggling with something, but we can’t be sure what. 

Ultimately, this teaser raises more questions than answers, like why the Upside Down is spreading? How can the gang stop this monster? How will Eleven be coming back? What will justice for Barb look like? How is Hooper now involved in the conspiracy? Is the Demogorgon really gone? Will we still have the three-tiered subplot structure which served the story so well? Perhaps most importantly, what 1980s subgenre are we going to see this time around? 

Stranger Things Season 2 will debut on Netflix on October 31, 2017.