Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV Patch Released a Day Early

Square Enix has provided the Final Fantasy XV 1.05 patch a day early. The patch was announced to be released on February 21, 2017. 

This new update includes the “Lite Mode”, which makes Final Fantasy XV run at 60 FPS for the PS4 Pro. In addition, this new patch bumps up the level cap to 120, Prompto’s selfie limit to 200 and adds Timed Quests to the game. These new quests are basically hunts and contest with limited times.

This does not include Gladio’s story DLC, which drops on March 28, 2017. That DLC previously included the Magitek Exosuits. However, due to similar comparisons to a certain group of superheroes, that portion has been delayed to be re-tooled.

The patch weighs in at 2.1GB.

Final Fantasy XV is currently available for the PS4 and Xbox One. A PC version is heavily favored, while Square Enix has stated that Final Fantasy XV will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch.