Snipperclips Nintendo Switch

Snipperclips Is Now A Nintendo Switch Launch Title In Japan And Europe

It seems the Nintendo Switch lineup is still in flux, even with it being only a week away from launch. Less than 24 hours after being revealed that Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and and Fast RMX were going to be Switch launch titles, Snipperclips has now been added to the launch lineup too. Or at least, for Europe and Japan at present.

Snipperclips was a game that was announced by Nintendo, and shown off at various Switch events. It’s a puzzle game with action bits where you control characters Snip and Clip, and have to cut them into various shapes to solve puzzles. The game has both single player and multiplayer modes, and is one of the games that makes full use of the Joy Cons abilities.

While it was set for a March release, it wasn’t confirmed when in March it would arrive. Well, in Europe and Japan, it’s now a launch title. It could very well be a launch title for the US as well, but Nintendo has not commented on it at this time.

The Nintendo Switch, and Snipperclips, will launch on March 3rd.