Re:ZERO’s Ram Gets Life-Sized Figure

Ram, the sister of… 


The sister of…


Oh well, it’s probably not important.  What is important is that Re:ZERO‘s Ram will be getting her very own life-sized statue! All kidding aside, the Rem life-sized statue went on display on February 2 (Rem’s birthday), at the Gamers’ head office in Akihabara, Japan.  Hot off the heels of that, FigureX has announced that Rem’s twin sister will also be getting the life-sized statue treatment. If Rem’s price tag ($12,600 USD) is any indication, it will cost you a pretty small fortune if you want these two sisters in your collection. 

Concept of Rams life sized statue pose

Apparently, the price tag hasn’t shied anyone away from purchasing the statue as FigureX announced that they tripled production from 10 to 30 Rem statues in order to meet demand!  One must wonder how Ram will fare once her statue goes live?

In addition to the statue, it was announced that there will be new figures based on Rem and Ram as well! A 1/7 scale figure of Rem wearing a pink negligee will be released some time this fall. There is plans for more figures, but there was no information about them announced as of yet. 

Concept for Rems pink negligee figure

Despite the lack of information, several posters (featured below) were at the event teasing the various upcoming figures.