Only Five Days Left to Get a New PS4 Slim Bundle for $249.99

PlayStation has just given players the deal of a lifetime and you only have until February 25 to snatch it up! For the price of just $249.99, you get a brand new PS4 Slim with 500 GB of storage and your choice of the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Uncharted: A Thieves End, both of which are excellent titles that debuted last year.

Still not convinced? For gamers that are familiar with the console and its predecessors, it may seem like a safe and easy choice to hop on over to the next generation. You’ve put your time into the God of War and Uncharted trilogies, now play Uncharted 4 on this system and even a newly anticipated God of War title down the line.

For those on the fence of moving over to team Sony, I have created a list of upcoming exclusives that will have you grabbing your keys to get your new PS4.

Horizon Zero Dawn
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You’re in luck! With only a week until this game launches you will surely want to get your hands on the PS4 so that you can play the system’s latest exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn on March 28th.


Crash BandicootImage result for crash bandicoot n sane trilogy

Maybe you had the PS1, PS2, or simply recall gameplay from the Crash Bandicoot series. Well, once you get one of the PS4 bundles available on sale, you will get to play the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy releasing in a few months on June 30th.


Detroit: Become HumanImage result for detroit become human

Quantic Dream, a development team you may know from their work on games like Beyond:Two Souls, revealed their new game titled, Detroit: Become Human. Players face important game changing decisions throughout their journey with each android character living in an advanced version of Detroit. The new PS4 at this $249.99 price is a must so that you have it in time for the release of this game.


Persona 5Image result for persona 5

As for the JRPG fans, PlayStation will release Persona 5 April 4th. Though this game has been released in Japan, it will be available to those in North America and Europe less than two months after this sale!


God of War

The latest installment in the God of War series was announced last year at E3 featuring Kratos, whom most are familiar with and introducing his son in what was revealed in gameplay footage from the event. It may be a while before we get to play this new God of War, but that just mean you’ll have plenty of time to finish the trilogy on your new system.

Keep in mind that PlayStation is also offering a gorgeous glacier white version bundled with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that you can find on their, site here.

Remember, you only have until February 25 if you’re trying to get in on this amazing deal! Act now or miss out!