Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch eShop Will Tie Games To Account Instead Of Hardware

As great as Nintendo is in many things, they often do things that can frustrate players. In recent console generations, with the arrival of the Nintendo eShop, players have had their digitally downloaded titles tied to the hardware itself, rather than an account set up in your name.

While this isn’t bad per se, if something was to happen to your console or handheld, all the games you downloaded would be gone. This frustrated many, as Sony and Microsoft don’t have this on their consoles.

Well, a NeoGaf user posted on Twitter a picture of the Nintendo Switch UI, which states this:

“Your Nintendo account contains your Nintendo eShop purchase history and current balance. By re-linking your Nintendo Account after initializing the console, it will be possible to redownload any software or DLC purchased using that account. (Software that has been discontinued may not be available for redownload in some cases.)””

What does this mean, well, it means that games will now be tied to an account, likely your MyNintendo account. This will no doubt make fans very happy, especially those who don’t want to fear losing their eShop titles after something unfortunate happens. And let’s be honest, we’ve all had bad days, and the last thing we need on those days is for something to happen to our console and we lose everything on it.

It appears Nintendo is trying to make sure that doesn’t happen with the Nintendo Switch.