NieR Automata Gets a New Weapons Trailer, PC Mentioned Pulled From Trailer

Update: Perhaps we spoke too soon. The original trailer with the release date for the PC version has been pulled from SE’s press website. The SE website also does not reflect the PC release date either. It’s starting to look like the trailer we got was a mistake. Either way, looks like we don’t have a confirmation for the PC. We’re still in the same holding pattern, waiting for some official confirmation from SE. 

Update 2: The trailer was re-uploaded and all references to the PC version were removed. The file name was also changed. The original name of the file was “27_Nier_Battletrailer_ENG_ESRB_Multi_r01.mp4”, but has changed to “9_Nier_Battletrailer_ENG_ESRB_Sony_r01.mp4”. Not sure what the heck is going on at SE, but this is definitely not sending the right signals for it’s PC gaming audience.

Original story below:

With the release of a new trailer for NieR: Automata, we also have finally gotten confirmation of the PC’s release date. The new trailer, Elegant Destruction, gives us a look of 2B in action in a variety of different combat situations. In addition, we get to see some new weapons being used, such as paired knuckles.

But what’s more important here is that Square Enix has finally given up the release date for the PC version. While we have known for some time when the PS4 version was releasing, the PC version was up in the air. Thankfully, we now know that NieR: Automata will be released on Windows/Steam as of March 10, 2017.

That’s just 3 days from the North American PS4 release of March 7, 2017. My PC is ready to install this gem and rock out.

So, now that we know. Which version are you getting? Me, I’m holding off for the PC version.