The Newest Street Fighter V Character is Kolin, or Helen

Well, all that speculation paid off. The latest character added to Street Fighter V was indeed Helen, er… Kolin. See, the character goes by both names, so if you either one one, you win. What why the name change? During the SF5 story mode, A Shadow Falls, we first see her as Helen. At the end of the story, she is transformed into Kolin by Gill. The very same character that you see later on in Street Fighter III.

While it was speculated that she’d have some sort of ice-based powers, it seems that she does. Nothing in a projectile sense, her attacks are encased with ice, she can perform ice slides to close gaps, double jumping or extending her jump by tossing an ice bolt in the air and even freezing opponents in ice. If anything, she’s definitely stylish.

She’ll come with 4 different costumes as well, one of which is her original costume that we first saw her in Street Fighter III. Kolin is available in the Season Two pass.