New Indie Game Lightfield Announcement Trailer Released

We all know the feeling of being smashed into the side rails of a track in a racing game. Now, struggling to catch up you have lost your place as you try to gain speed. Fortunately indie game developers, Lost in the Garden, released the announcement trailer for their latest game Lightfield, a racing game with no predefined roads, invisible walls, or guide rails. What a wild way to race your friends. Check out the announcement trailer for PS4 below.

This bright omnidirectional racing game introduces players to a completely new racing experience. Navigate through different tracks and environments to find your own path to the finish line. With the lack of predefined roadways it seems as though there may be several different ways to get there!

As you will see in the trailer, players race against their friends on colorful hyperfuturistic tracks while piloting a special space ship. While travelling, the space ship also leaves behind a stream of light. Though it is not clear whether this is important to the gameplay or simply a design choice, I think it is at least worth noting since this game does have the word “light” in its title. 

Make sure to blow the dust off of your second controller because the trailer announced that there will be a local, split screen multiplayer mode in addition to online. Now, you can play against your friends on the couch or through your headset!

Though this trailer is short, I’m sure you noticed the chill futuristic sounds and beats during the gameplay footage. The end of this trailer acknowledges SFX and music from Zanshin for the game, and from what we have heard so far, it seems although we can expect to hear more tracks like this while racing in the game.

Lightfield is set to release for PS4 and Xbox this Spring.

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