Never Fear, Tracer Nendoroids Are Here

Are you a fan of Blizzard’s insanely popular first-person shooter, Overwatch? Do you simply adore the cuteness of Nendoroids? Well, you’re going to love this; Tracer Nendoroids. Yes, friends, these are finally real. All those days of pleading and begging have paid off!

Blizzard and Good Smiles Company are teaming up to bring out a new line based on the Overwatch gang and everyone’s favorite speedster is first!

If you want one of your very own, Blizzard has this fantastic Nendoroid up for pre-order. For just $49.99, you can get your own, however, they won’t ship until sometime during August 2017. 

If Tracer isn’t your main, not to worry. The folks at Good Smiles Company have confirmed that they’ll have more news on upcoming Overwatch releases soon.  I’m looking forward to a Pharah Nendoroid myself. So I can place it next to my Pharah Funko POP Vinyl!

And despite Tracer constantly being a pain in my ass, I did pre-order one.