NES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition Has Sold 1.5 Million Units

It’s a tale of two consoles today for Nintendo. On one hand, Nintendo revealed that the Wii U is no longer being manufactured as of today. On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the NES Classic Edition has sold over 1.5 million units.

The irony here? It probably should’ve sold a lot more. Like, a LOT more. So why didn’t it? Stocking! Nintendo (for some reason…) didn’t think the console would sell, or, wouldn’t sell enough in their minds. Due to this they limited production. And yet, fans wanted it, in droves. Yes, there were issues with the length of the controller cord, and some desires to have more games on it, but they still bought it.

In fact, there were lines at stores across the country when the NES Classic Edition was released, and the few who got it were some of the happiest gamers around. And those who didn’t have been looking for it ever since.

Now, according to the WSJ reporter, Nintendo is trying to increase production of the console. The question is when will it reach the numbers that are needed to satisfy the consumer? That’s still in up in the air for now. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see huh?