Naruto Shippuuden

Naruto Shippuuden Prepares to Release Final Ending Theme Song

Naruto Shippuuden may finally be coming to an end at long last.  The anime series is set to release the final ending theme song “Zetsu Zetsu” (“Absolutely”) by Swimy.  Typically, for the Naruto franchise, an opening theme will last around 26 episodes before changing which the ending themes have lasted around 13 episodes before switching; however, no new theme is being announced after the current ending theme.  Shueisha’s Shonen JUMP is also promoting this theme song as the “last.” With a Boruto anime coming down the pike this April, it’s safe to say that Naruto Shippuuden will be coming to an official end some time in March.

Several months ago, the anime returned from filler and began to adapt the final moments of the 4th Great Ninja War arc and then finished it off with the much-anticipated Naruto vs Sasuke battle. Then anime then stopped at chapter 699, leaving just 1 chapter left to adapt: the epilogue chapter.  Since then, the anime has re-entered a canon/filler period where it has been adapting all of Masashi Kishimoto’s light novels.  As of Episode 494, the anime is adapting the Naruto & Hinata wedding novel. 

The Boruto anime will continue the series as a sequel; however, the anime will tell an original story as there is no source material outside of the movie and the manga, which is currently adapting the movie. Naruto Shippuuden began airing on February 15, 2007 and served as a sequel to the original 220 episode anime, taking place after the time skip in the manga where Naruto went off to train with Jiraiya. 

The ending theme song is set to release in Japan on February 22.