Lucas Gilbertson

Lucas Gilbertson Re-dubs Zero’s Scenes from Mega Man X4

Lucas Gilbertson, voice of Zero from the Mega Man X: Command Mission RPG, Mega Man X8 and Maverick Hunter X; took it upon himself to re-dub some of the more popular cutscenes from Capcom’s Mega Man X4.  These scenes include Zero vs Colonel, Zero vs Sigma and, of course, Iris’ Death Scene.  

In addition to this, Lucas opened up a contest back in March of last year to any and all fans of the Mega Man X franchise.  The contest required you to send in your best fan fiction from the Mega Man X universe while including Zero in your fiction.  Winners had their short stories animated and voiced by Lucas himself! The first of those winners was announced and Lucas uploaded their animated short to his YouTube account!

First Winner of Lucas Gilberston’s Fan Fiction Contest

As for the re-dubbed clips of Mega Man X4, you can check them out below!

Zero vs Colonel

Zero vs Sigma

WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

Source: The Mega Man Network