Death Stranding PS4

Hideo Kojima Speaks More About Death Stranding at RTX Sydney

Rooster Teeth Expo Sydney took place earlier this month and one of their guests was none other than Hideo Kojima, the director, writer, and designer of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, as well as the upcoming PS4 exclusive title, Death Stranding. He sat on stage ready to be interviewed as everyone was eager to hear any new information on his upcoming projects. E3 2016 last summer premiered a short trailer debuting Death Stranding, featuring actor Norman Reedus as the game’s leading character.
The interviewer fires things off by asking the question that everyone has been dying to hear what in the world is this game about? Kojima responds by saying that the two trailers released have hints, that if paid attention to, give clues as to what players can expect from this story. Since the release of the first trailer, numerous theories, and in-depth analyses have already been made which is relieving to know that fans are on the right track to slowly discover the game and its meaning.
A worry that has been conversed throughout the gaming community about this project is that it will not be launching anytime soon. Kojima Productions is known for the fine tuning and detail involved in the development of their previous titles, and it is expected by fans to be released sometime in the far future, possibly next generation. Thankfully, Kojima assures the crowd that the footage seen in the second and most recently released trailer was captured off of the PS4 Pro. With that, PS4 owners can rest easy knowing they will be most likely getting Death Stranding before we see the PS5 and it may not be as far out as we thought. 
Kojima’s work is loved and respected across the world and his fans can’t wait for details to slowly trickle out about the Sony exclusive throughout the year.  Check out the full Hideo Kojima interview at RTX Sydney below to find out about his start in the video game industry and his thoughts on VR technology.