Blizzard Entertainment has announced the first of three Hearthstone expansions for 2017!  The first will be called Journey to Un’goro and will launch in early April.

So what is new in this expansion? First off, there is a new tribe called Elemental. This will be joining tribes such as Dragon, Pirate, Murloc, etc. Some of the older cards will be updated and included in this new tribe.

There will be new Quest cards which will introduce us to the game’s very first legendary spells.  Just like legendary minions, you can only have one copy in your deck, but unlike legendary minions, these spells will always be in your opening hand! How they work is each card will have a pre-requisite. For example, the priest card costs 1 mana and wants you to summon seven Deathrattle minions. If you end up playing seven minions with deathrattle before the end of the game, you will be given the reward, which in the Priest’s case, is a class legendary card.

A new keyword is being introduced: Adapt.  Adapt works just like discover; however, rather than choosing a card to put into your hand, you will be choosing a buff for your minion.  You will get to choose one of three options from a pool of 10.

Some of the new Journey to Un’goro Cards

There will be 135 new cards in this expansion and they will be acquired through purchasing card packs in the store. You can pre-order the expansion for $49.99. Doing so will give you 50 Journey to Un’goro card packs (essentially 50 for the price of 40) as well as a special Card Back. 

Journey to Un’goro Pre-Order Card Back

New Game Board

More cards for the expansion will be revealed starting on March 17.

Announcement Video

Journey to Un’goro Cinematic Trailer



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