Gloabal Testfire is Back for Splatoon 2!

What a way to start the week. Nintendo announced that the Squid research facility will be bringing the global test fire demo back for Splatoon 2 for one weekend only. Over at their main page, they announced the demo will take place on the weekend, from March 24 -26th. As like the last test fire for the original Splatoon, these sessions will be in 1-hour time slot at specific times.  The times are as followed:

March 24

• 12-12:59 p.m. PT / 3-3:59 p.m. ET

• 8-8:59 p.m. PT / 11-11:59 p.m. ET

March 25

• 4-4:59 a.m. PT / 7-7:59 a.m. ET

• 12-12:59 p.m. PT / 3-3:59 p.m. ET

• 8-8:59 p.m. PT / 11-11:59 p.m. ET

March 26

• 4-4:59 a.m. PT / 7-7:59 a.m. ET

 If my impressions were any clue, I assume it would be similar to the one I played back at the preview event. The demo will test the local wifi as well as the function of linking 8 Switch units in the same area. What’s new is that now they are implementing a spectator mode for 2 viewers, allowing 10 switch units total if given as Splatoon 2 Producer Hisashi Nogami has said.

In addition to the Testfire event, Nintendo squid expert and Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami also confirmed a new way for players to follow the action when the game launches later in the year – a mode that will give players a unique insight into squid behaviors and strategy called Private Battle Spectator View. This breakthrough in squid-observation technology will allow up to two non-players to participate in a Private Battle as camera operators to observe all the action from multiple angles*. Incredible! In addition to this, a new feature called LAN Play will be added to Splatoon 2, allowing up to 10 docked systems – eight players and two spectators – to connect via wired LAN. This feature allows players to create local Private Battle tournaments without the need for an internet connection. Local wireless play is perfect for your regular gaming get-togethers, but LAN Play is where it’s at when you want to organize a serious tournament event with your fellow players.

This will also give way to Nintendo testing out their option for voice chat via a smartphone app that they plan to release.  The only requirement is that you must link your Nintendo account and subscribed to their online service.

We’re also happy to report that Splatoon 2 will be compatible with Splatoon series amiibo figures and, for the first time in the series, with an upcoming Nintendo Switch app for smart devices that enhances online play. This app will connect to the game and allow players to set play appointments with friends and teammates who have been added to their Nintendo Switch friend list or via their social media accounts. It also allows players to match up with those friends directly in the game or voice chat with them via their smart device. For example, during a Private Battle, players can voice chat with all of their connected friends when they divide into teams, but once teams are set, voice chat is switched to communication only between teammates on the same team.

What a way to celebrate the launch of the Switch eh?

Splatoon 2 is scheduled for the Summer this year.

Source :Nintendo.

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