Does Elgato Gaming Have Something Planned For PAX East 2017?

We’re in full PAX East mode. Which means we’re planning what we’re going to be doing, getting gear together and of course, hitting up various companies who’ll be in attendance. During this, I hit up one of my favorite gaming gear companies, Elgato Gaming, to see if they had something planned. What’s more, I wanted to know if they were perhaps going to show off something cool.

I really wasn’t expecting them to respond, to be honest. But they did!

Now while I don’t want to read into this too much. But could this mean that Elgato is planning on showing something off during PAX East 2017? I sure the heck hope so, however, until this we can only sit here and ponder what that means. I for one would love an affordable 4K capture device, for the PS4 Pro and upcoming Xbox Scorpio. So, what do you say Elgato? 

So, what do you say Elgato?