Disc Jam

Disc Jam Beta Now Available for PS4

The new action packed multiplayer sports game, Disc Jam, is coming to PS4 and PC this year and now you have the chance to try it out for yourself! High Horse Entertainment recently announced that Disc Jam is now available for beta on the Ps4. If you’re not quite familiar with Disc Jam take a look at the release trailer from E3 2016. 


Disc Jam puts players in a special arena where they play against one person while in a singles type match, or two while in a doubles match. This game would be best described as a combination of both tennis and air hockey, what a mix! The disc will be aimed by players to pass the goal line behind their opponent with a range of point values dividing the end-zone. There are barriers on each side of the arena allowing it to ricochet off of them, similar to the outer edge of an air hockey table.

Players are also able to customize their character in the game, which should bring out some fun combinations throughout the multiplayer community! This fast-paced game will definitely test players skills as they will have to objectively tend their end zone while their opponents throw discs with special abilities.  If you’re eager to play this game, visit High Horse Entertainment’s website to sign up for the PS4 beta.