Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital To Reveal Nintendo Switch Game At GDC

We are 12 days away from the launch of the Nintendo Switch, and more and more developers are lining up to reveal their games for the console. Newest on the list is Devolver Digital.

Yep, the company behind Shadow Warrior, Broforce, Hotline Miami and more, said earlier in the year that they were looking into the Nintendo Switch as a possible place for some of their games. But then today, they posted this on Twitter:

“Our first Switch game is coming, hopefully later this year! More news during GDC…exciting!”

So there you have it, Devolver Digital WILL have a Nintendo Switch title, but what? Will it be a port of a familiar name? It’s possible, but you’d have to wonder why it’d take until “later this year” to get it out. Is it a sequel to one of their titles? Very likely. Or, could it be something very new and unique that’ll come only to the Switch? Your guess is as good as mine.

GDC 2017 IS next week though, so hopefully all our questions will be answered there.