Dead Rising 4 is Heading to Steam in March 2017

Capcom has announced that their latest zombie hack and slash title, Dead Rising 4, is heading to Steam.  The title is slated for a March 14, 2017, release date and is priced at $39.99. This was previously announced in 2016.

Well, we knew that Microsoft had an exclusivity clause in place for Capcom’s Dead Rising 4. Meaning that it would be exclusive to the Xbox One and Windows 10 store for a certain amount of time, but that only applies to consoles. It does not, however, apply to the PC sector, which means it could eventually pop up in other places. Which Capcom has just announced that it would. Sadly, PlayStation 4 owners still have to wait it out.

The Steam page for Dead Rising 4 can be found here.

Since Capcom hasn’t announced any new PC requirements, I’m assuming that the same requirements for Windows 10 also applies here.