COSPLAY by McCALL’S Hitched Pattern Review

Perhaps one of the most basic, but most useful patterns I have seen come out of the COSPLAY by McCALL’S line, HITCHED is a simple skirt that you can wear down or hike up. Where was this pattern when I was frantically racing to complete my Luna as Princess Kaguya cosplay? Seriously. I needed this. Now I have it and so can you.

Here are the specs:

Skill level: Easy

Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12

Pattern number: m2072

As usual, the COSPLAY by McCALL’S line has patterns printed on a thicker paper with blue ink which should make it easier for those who want to trace their patterns onto tissue paper. The directions are easy to follow.

The inside of the packaging provides some tips on working with D-rings, which are a featured detail of this pattern. If you never worked with D-rings before, you’ll be grateful for the valuable information on how to pick our your rings and how to sew them into the garment.

This pattern may look a bit fancy, but is very basic and no-frills so it will definitely be easy for most beginners to work with. The fabrics and notions list are small compared to other patterns in the COSPLAY by McCALL’s line. The directions for this pattern are 6 pages long, but don’t worry! That is because there are easy to follow instructions with helpful illustrations for each tier of the skirt. I’ve often worked with more complex patterns that crammed all of the directions into 4 pages. Of course, with those patterns I almost always find myself scrambling to YouTube to figure out what the heck to do next. That won’t be the case here. This is a panic free pattern that is sure to work for everyone.

HITCHED will work for a variety of cosplays and other uses. It would make a cute skirt for goths, punks, lolitas, and regular wear. The pattern has options to make the dress in 3 lengths, with or without the D-rings. You can make a cute short skirt,  medium length skit, or the full-length skirt that hikes up in the center. Additionally, this pattern can be modified for plenty of uses. If I had this pattern when I was working on my human Luna cosplay I bet I would have saved a lot of fabric since this can easily work for the black underskirt.

I’m very happy with this pattern and see if being used for many outfits going forward. This would be a great addition to your pattern collection. 

*This item was provided for review.

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