Binding Of Isaac Afterlife + Delayed For Nintendo Switch

After much good news had been heaped the Nintendo Switch’s way, one piece of bad has slipped in. The Binding of Isaac Afterlife + has been delayed. This comes straight from Nicalis, who states

“For those of you who have pre-ordered already you may have noticed your order shifted date. We were unable to confirm the revised release date until now (due to issues way beyond our control), but can confirm that the Release Date for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ on Nintendo Switch has been pushed back. It’s still March, but we won’t make 3.3 (insert sad face here). ”

However, they did announced that included in the launch edition for the Nintendo Switch, players will get special stickers, a reverseable cover, and a 20-page fully colored instruction booklet.
Binding of Isaac Nintendo Switch

Again, Binding of Isaac has only been pushed back a little, it still aims to release within the month of March, it just won’t be at the Nintendo Switch launch.