343 Industries: All Future Halo FPS’s to Support Split-Screen Gaming

I have to say that growing up on the Halo series, the best draw was the local co-op play. Sure the games (mostly) were fantastic and the story pulled me in. But it was that sensation of playing alongside a buddy to help me out of a jam. I grew up on local co-op and split-screen games, so it’s a big deal for me.

So you can imagine that when Halo 5 was released that I was a big upset about the split-screen ability missing.  I’m sure more than few Halo fans were upset about this as well.

Now it seems that 343 Industries is going to correct that mistake. At the ongoing DICE Summit 2017, 343 Industries boss, Donnie Ross, has stated that every Halo FPS title will support split-screen gaming. Now, that makes me wonder about the frame rate. Originally, it was stated that Halo 5 dropped the split-screen in order to push the game’s visuals and massive environments. Halo 5, featured dynamic resolution, which allowed the Xbox One to scale when needed and maintain 60fps.

This takes a huge amount of CPU and likely would not have been possible with split-screen being enabled. Of course, this didn’t help the reception of the last Halo outing. 

This hasn’t been discussed in-depth during the talks, but we’re sure that 343 Industries will have more to say about this soon. I wonder if this is being done in preparation of the upcoming Xbox Scorpio. 

Credit to NeoGAF for the news.