While the CES or Consumer Electronic Show is typically the convention where hardware and new tech shines. Despite that, gaming has been stepping into the limelight over the years during the event. This holds true more so now as 4K is all the rage, the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio looming on the horizon and even the rise of VR.  There’s simply too many gaming-related items out there for something not to show up and something is bound to either announced, discussed or shown off during CES 2017.


Will we finally get confirmation of the GTX 1080 Ti?

That said, what are you looking forward too, if anything? I’m hoping that we get some sort of confirmation on what CPU/GPU we’re going to see inside of Project Scorpio. That’s not all either, as I want to see if the rumors of Nvidia announced the GTX 1080 Ti are true. Sure, we’ve heard of Nvidia’s new Geforce Elite, which is a reward program for their devoted fans, but there’s also the rumblings of a hardware announcement. Could this be it?


Finally, I want to see more of what AMD has in store, especially since they showed their hand with the announcement of Ryzen (formerly Zen) and what they have in store regarding their new GPU lined with Vega powering the video cards. I’m also hoping that we’ll see more of the PlayStation 4 titles that were delayed until 2017. Mainly, I’m referring to Gran Turismo Sport and it’s VR implementation.

We may even see the newly designed, scaled down version of the Oculus Rift if we’re lucky.


Not to mention there’s going to be a huge section of CES 2017 that will be devoted to gaming and VR, as indicated by the CES website.  So I fully expect to see plenty of VR enabled items, with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and even the PSVR taking front and center.We may even see the newly designed, scaled down version of the Oculus Rift, if we’re lucky. Of course, being perhaps the biggest tech head here at  The Outerhaven, I can’t wait to see all the new fancy audio and video equipment that’s being released. I’ll be in the market for a sexy OLED 4K set in the upcoming months, so maybe I’ll find my dream display during this time.


Oh yeah, Drones, voice assistant devices such as Amazon Echo, and Google Home will also be there, showing off some new stuff. I recently picked up an Amazon Echo and have been putting it through the paces, so I can’t wait to see what’s going on there. I heard that A large number of companies have been integrating Amazon’s Alexa service into many of their products, it’s going to be crazy.


VR this, VR that and everything else.

I didn’t see if Microsoft will be in attendance at the show, though I doubt they’d miss a chance to show off their Holo Lens technology. I do know that Sony will definitely be there. In fact, they’ll be streaming their conference live on January 4th, 2017 at 5PM PST/8PM EST. The stream can be found here http://www.ustream.tv/sony.

CES 2017 runs from January 5th – 8th, 2017, and is being held at several locations at in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Are you looking forward to anything coming out of CES 2017? We’d love to know in the comments below.

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